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Jordan Factory for Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment

Fire Hose Reel and Cabinets-Rubber Type

EN3 - LPCB Available

Fire Hose Reel Cabinets Rubber Type

SF/300, SF/600, JOFFCO certified to ISO 9000 System by TUV Germany Manufactures, HOSE REEL CABINETS with 1” HOSE and HOSE Valve (Manual & Automatic) Indigenously as per International standards, such as B.S. (British) DIN(GERMAN). NFPA(American) with strict Quality Control ensuring the customer needs.


Cabinets are manufactured from Steel & Stainless Steel of thickness 1mm to 2mm, which depends upon the use and consumer requirements. The cabinets are with all around edges without any sharp edges and burns, having different style of doors and type of cabinets like wall mounted recessed, Semi Recessed type as per architectural design engineer requirements.

HOSE REEL DRUM manufactured from steel or Stainless Steel on hydraulic press with forming of ribs to give extra strength and avoid twisting. The outer rolled over to give a safe handling edge on the outer rims and better appearance.

HOSE is made of rubber or PVC with double layer synthetic textile yarn with working pressure 20 bar and bursting pressure 60 bar with standard black or red colour upon request.

CABINET DOOR HANDLE is Recessed type made of Aluminium base and turn handle chrome plated and other type of handles available upon request.

VALVE 1” size with 45o angle Brass finish Chrome and polish brass finish available upon request.

NOZZLE available in the three types.

  • >> Plastic nozzle three way to control with straight, spray and stop functions.
  • >> Brass with chrome plated two way to control with straight and stop functions.
  • >> Brass with Chrome plated with three way control: Straight, Spray and Stop.

PAINTING for cabinets is done by electrostatic powder paint oven baked to temperatures between 160-200o C, for steel cabinets only to protect from Rust and to give good finish Painted red and other colours available upon request to meet the architectural Design requirements. Stainless steel Cabinets with hair line finish and mirror finish also available.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS are silk screen printed in English and Arabic language inside the cabinet doors.

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