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Jordan Factory for Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment

Foam Station Unit Model SFU / 300



The design of JOFFCO Foam Station Unit is based to meet the urgent requirement of Civil defense authorities and Oil companies of having a dependable, forcible and very fast operating apparatus in fighting liquid combustible matters in which to put it in full operation within few seconds, where one second counts in fighting class B Fire and in fulfillment of above NAFFCO produced the Foam Station Unit. It has obtained the optimal results. JOFFCO was the first in the Middle East to manufacture the Foam Station Unit.


  • 1. Hose is made of special black synthetic rubber that is water and age resistant of long life reinforced by spiral wound, round steel wire, wrapped on heavy duty reel mounted on special ball bearings for immediate action. Hose size 1.5” x 30 M. other sizes are available upon request.
  • 2. Foam Tank is made of stainless steel to resist corrosion, capacity 250 Litter of Concentrate Foam; other capacities are available upon request.
  • 3. The Tank is equipped with large mouth fill fitting for easy replenishment of foam.
  • 4. The Tank is equipped with foam level indicator in front of the unit.
  • 5. Foam Branch pipe is made of stainless steel and it is controllable. Also Elkhart Nozzle Model SM – 10 FG can be used for water and Foam Nozzle.
  • 6. Heavy duty foam inductor, which is equipped with controllable foam mixing from 0 – 6%.
  • 7. Foam Throw from Branchpipe about 15 M which provides safety for the operator.
  • 8. Equipped with quick opening high-pressure ball valve which shorten the time needed to operate the Unit.
  • 9. The time needed to operate the unit equals 1/8 of the time of regular foam cabinet with canvas hose.
  • 10. Fully controllable can be operated by one operator only.
  • 11.

    Equipped with special valve for Fire dept.

    connection, upon request to supply the unit with water.

  • 12. Designed specially to suit the weather conditions of G.C.C


All matters have been chosen to minimize maintenance requirements, 250 Litre stainless steel tank mounted on chassis. All parts and fittings are designed to resist corrosion, all parts have been treated and electrostatic paint is applied. The Unit is heavy duty built, can be used very effectively on Offshore Installation.



  • 1. 1 ½” X 30 m Rubber Fire Hose reinforced by spiral wound, round steel wire, water and age resistant can withstand pressure upto 680 PSI (other lengths are available are 20 M and 40 M).
  • 2. Foam Branchpipe made of stainless steel and its controllable, lightweight can be used as water jet gun Model S2 – 15.
  • 3. Foam Proportioner, Inductor, the design of the proportioning unit enables exact admixing rate between1% and 6% of the passing water equipped with by pass system, varnished red colour, Model Z2.
  • 4. Foam Liquid indicator, mechanical type to confirm always to operator amount of Foam the unit has.
  • 5.

    2.5” angle valve with cap for water connection NST Thread.

    Also available 2” valve with quick coupling 2.5” B.S Standard.

  • 6. 2” Ball Valve can withstand high pressure, very easy to open to minimize the idle time for operation.
  • 7. Pressure Gauge to indicate always the system pressure and to confirm proper water and pressure available in the system.
  • 8. The reel is made of stainless steel 2-mm thickness. The outer edge of reel is rolled out over to give a safe handling edge on the outer rims, Aluminum 3 mm thickness reels available upon request.
  • 9. Stainless steel foam tank capacity 250 L equipped with large diameter filler cap which allows adding foam concentrate whilst under operation.
  • 10. Operating instructions plate made of stainless steel, all instructions operations in Arabic & English and other instructions are silk screened to the Unit.
  • 11. Nameplate made of stainless steel, silk screen printed from both sides, readable from long distance.


  • >> Hose 1 ½” Rubber, other size of 20 M & 40 M are available.
  • >> Foam Inductor of 400 L/M is available Model Z4.
  • >> Low Foam Branchpipe Model S4 – 75 to match with Inductor Model Z4.
  • >> Medium Foam Branchpipe Model S4 – 75 to match with Inductor Model Z4.
  • >> Lifting lugs to lift the Unit from 4 corners.
  • >> Heavy-duty wheels can be mounted upon special request.
  • >> Cover to cover hose from direct sunlight Model SFU/P17.
  • >> Elkhart Foam & Water Nozzle Model SM – 10FG free swivel base, finish hard anodized, is available instead of Foam Branchpipe S2 – 15.

Types of Foam which can be used with SF 150 L :

  • >> STHAMEX AFFF 3% or 6% : Aqueous film forming low expansion foam concentrate.
  • >> STHAMEX 3% Multipurpose : Synthetic multipurpose foam Concentrate.
  • >> MOUSSOL – APS 3% : Alcohol resistant universal.

Foam concentrate polymer.

Back view shows the quick opening valve, pressure gauge, Fire Dept.

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