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Jordan Factory for Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment

Foam Master Model/150

The continuity and progress for any project depends on their uninterrupted. production of goods and sales and one of the most important causes of production disturbances and stoppage is FIRE, Which cause severe money loss and sometimes the bankruptcy of project.

And due to the urgent need in the market to produce a highly effeiecint mobile fire fighting unit to control Oil, chemical and Solid matters fires, JOFFCO was the first company in the Kingdom to manufacture the “ Foam Master 150” with the capacity of 150 Litrre of foam Concentrate.


  • >> Fully controllable can be operated with one man only.
  • >> Tough construction manufactured from first class sheet.
  • >> Electroplated coated inside and outside to resist corrosion.
  • >> Minimal servicing requirements.
  • >> Suitable for different types of Foam concentrate.
  • >> Large diameter filler cap which allows adding.

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